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March 6, 2013

RMHC: An intern’s story

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As I scrape another layer of fresh snow off my car and cautiously drive down the road, a feeling of excitement fills the car as I near my destination. I arrive at the big yellow house and immediately start getting energized. Hello, my name is Christie Gleason and I am the newest addition to the Fargo Ronald McDonald House family – the intern.


I started my internship during the planning the biggest event of the year: the Sweetheart Ball. Give me an event filled with fancy dresses, good food, and a meaningful cause, and I’m ready to help in any way. My first task was to learn how to use the tempered and opinionated printer in order to scan each of the donation items. After making friends with the printer and organizing the donation items, I began to make phone calls asking for additional support for the event. Before I knew it, the list of donations that needed to be picked up grew quickly. Eager to see the items that were donated I offered my services to go pick them up. With every pick-up the realization of the event’s approaching date also began to fill the car; it was less than one week away.


Arriving at the hotel the morning of the event, I saw the organized chaos quickly begin. The committee members and volunteers were hard at work getting the donation items organized and decorations placed throughout the room. The room began to feel elegant and the wait was finally over! The 24th annual SHB would be starting in a few hours.


As the guests began to rush in from the cold, my work began. Checking everyone in allowed me to personally welcome each guest and wish them a night full of laughter and fun. The event was off to a great start and I started to appreciate the event for its true meaning; supporting families who are in need. The family who was honored at the event gave a very meaningful testimony of their stay at the Ronald McDonald House reminding everyone of the true meaning of event. The Ronald McDonald House Charities is a respected, trustworthy, and caring organization and I am extremely honored to be a part of this family.


Immediately after the SHB was over, another big event for the Ronald McDonald House was approaching – Giving Hearts Day. This is an entire day focused on the power of giving and the impact it can make for organizations who serve the community. An important part of my internship is to promote this event by sending out postcards, emails, and posting to social media cites. Through the implementation of new strategies for awareness and generous donations, GHD was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who donated, we greatly appreciate your support.


With the final touches of the Sweetheart Ball and Giving Hearts Day completed, it is time to work on new tasks, learn more about the organization, and gain new experiences. Having this internship has been a blessing and I am lucky to spend a few more weeks here at the House.


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