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April 2, 2012

An intern’s story

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Today we have a guest blogger – one of our RMHC interns, Amanda.


Tuesday/Thursdays are my favorite days of the week. Not just because they both start with the letter “t” or end in “day,” but because Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days I have the privilege of interning at the Ronald McDonald House here in Fargo.


The first couple of days of interning were a whirlwind. I wanted to learn everything I could about RMHC in a short period of time along with jumping head first into various projects around the office. The ladies at the South house were able to hone all of my excitement about this new journey into sky-high productivity.


With the Sweetheart Ball (SHB) approaching fast, I was attached to the scanner at the hip, making sure each donation we had received had been scanned onto the computer. Being from California, I thoroughly enjoy driving for long periods of time so when I was asked to travel around the FM area to pick-up silent auction donations; I set up Google Maps on my phone (a girl’s best friend) and was raring to go. I never really knew where I was heading but I was glad to be a part of something bigger. Let’s just say I may have taken a wrong turn here or there but in the end each and every donated item made it to the silent auction table at the SHB.


The morning of the SHB had arrived and the committee, staff, and volunteers arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed. Projects were given out and without hesitation, everyone went straight to work. I helped organize the silent auction items, labeled name cards, and even had the opportunity to sit down with some of the ladies who helped to plan the event over a six-inch sub from Subway. As night fell, I threw on my blazer and heels and was ready for SHB 2012.


As guests arrived, I could hear the chatter of old friends reuniting, coworkers excited to represent their company, children laughing and playing, and most importantly the sweet voice of Ronald McDonald. Side note:  I was excited when I received my “I met Ronald” sticker and I now have it displayed in my apartment for all the world to see. As the evening progressed, so did the excitement for what this organization stands for. We heard one family’s story of their experience with RMHC and I was moved to tears. The night was filled with laughs, silent auction battles, and good company.


After the SHB was complete, it was time to resurface things that had been buried under receipts, thank you notes, donation requests, and decorations. Things like the beginnings of the 2011 Annual Report, pictures for updating the website, and a newsletter to name a few. There is definitely work to be done. J  We are now at the beginning stages of planning the annual Golf Tournament, which takes place in July. Letters have been sent out and teams are starting to form. I unfortunately will not be able to see the final product, being that I graduate from Concordia in May but I know that the hard work put into this event will not go unnoticed.


That’s it from me,

-The Intern


Amanda hard at work at the Sweetheart Ball

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